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Chamber of Deputies adopted GEO 14/2017...


The Chamber of Deputies adopted, on Tuesday, the Governmental Emergency Ordinance (GEO) 14/2017 that abolished GEO 13/2017 regarding the amendment the Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure. 

The draft law on approving OUG 14 was adopted with 292 votes in favor and one abstention, and three Members of Parliament (MP) did not vote. 

During the debates, the Liberal MP Raluca Turcan stated that is good that the parliamentary majority did not boycott the debate on this ordinance, mentioning that the National Liberal Party (PNL) voted for approval of the ordinance 14. 

"We must acknowledge that Ordinance 14 should be doubled by the repealing of Ordinance 13 for transmitting unequivocally that a massive attack in the address of justice can be stopped by the parliamentary majority", Raluca Turcan underscored. 

"PNL asks the Premier and the parliamentary majority to drop any attitude that can transform into an attack justice. (...) PNL requests the majority to say transparently, predictably, with firmness how it intentions to put into agreement the decisions of the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania] in the Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure. It is obligatory to have predictability in the public space", Turcan said. 

She said that PNL requests the parliamentary majority to stop the threats addressed to those who protest, as well as the attacks addressed to the multinational companies. 

In his turn, the Social Democrat MP Eugen Nicolicea underscored that Ordinance 14 was adopted in the emergency procedure, adding that "the rest are political statements." 

MP of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania Attila Korodi said that the decision to put into agreement the decisions of the CCR with the Criminal Code through emergency ordinances is a mistake. 

Ordinance 14/2017 was adopted previously by the Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies is a decisional chamber in this case.