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Chamber of Deputies passes law providing for 10 years without driving license for drunk/drugged drivers


PSD (Social Democratic Party) senator Robert Cazanciuc believes that the adoption, on Tuesday, by the Chamber of Deputies, of the legislative proposal that forbids drivers caught drugged or drunk to drive for another 10 years, represents "a great achievement" and a continuation of measures to reduce the number of deaths on Romania's roads.

"Ten years without driving license for those who are caught drunk or drugged behind the wheel. My legislative initiative received, today, the final vote in the Chamber of Deputies, being adopted unanimously, namely 256 votes were cast "in favour". (...) Basically, from the moment of promulgation and entry into force, anyone who is detected in traffic driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, will receive a conviction and a ban from driving a vehicle for up to 10 years. It is a great achievement for me because, as I promised, I continued the plan of measures to reduce the number of deaths on Romania's roads, in an attempt to demote it from the first place in road deaths in Europe, in the last seven years," Cazanciuc wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

According to the PSD senator, "after the Anastasia Law, there came, keeping my promise, the legislative amendment by which drivers caught with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.8/thousand or drugged can no longer get their license back for up to 10 years."

The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies adopted, on Tuesday, as the decision-making legislative body, a draft law regarding the prevention and combating of trafficking and illicit consumption of drugs and other substances likely to have psychoactive effects.