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City of London Lord Mayor Andrew Parmley : Romanians are able to come to work in London with minimum bureaucratic barriers to overcome


I want to believe the Romanians are able to come to work in London with minimum bureaucratic barriers to overcome, but also that the Romanians will welcome the Brits here, City of London Lord Mayor Andrew Parmley told the conference called "The City of London as a financial centre after UK exit from EU" held in Bucharest at the seat of the National Bank of Romania. 

I realise the upcoming Brexit negotiations will be very difficult and challenging. This is why we, at the London City, have identified three requirements of the British Government to maintain the financial services sector strong for the entire Europe. First of all we must stay open to talented people from all over the world who have made the City their home and everything it is today. I want to believe that the young and smart Romanians will be able to come to work in the City of London with minimum bureaucratic barriers to overcome. Equally I would like to think that the Romanians too will welcome the Brits here. The way must stay open to benefit both sides, said Andrew Parmley. 

He added that another requirement would be for an agreement to be set in place with the EU, for London to stay close to the partners in the EU market. 

In the third place, we would like to see a transition arrangement nailed at the start of negotiations to allow for changes to be implemented in such a way as not to affect companies and keep the capital market the EU wants free of shocks, said Andrew Parmley. 

According to him, these three requirements will help London be the financial center Europe needs to help boost economic growth. 
He mentioned that it's in everyone's interest that Europe's most important financial and business center continues to be strong, and even if some jobs will leave London for the single market, it is important that The City does not feel other negative effects. 

If politics is more important than pragmatism in the future negotiations, and the City of London is considered a price in negotiations and not an asset that helps economic growth, then the result for us all will be 20 years of economic trouble and poorer results, said Andrew Parmley.