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CNCAN examines security measures at Cernavoda Power Plant

The nuclear security measures taken by the Nuclear Power Plant at Cernavoda (south-eastern Romania) will be examined by one single commission, set up within the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN), which will draw up a report for Parliament by early May 2011.

The decision was made on Tuesday by the economic commission of the Senate after hearing the representatives of CNCAN, SC Nuclearelectrica SA, of the management of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and the representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Business Environment (MECMA).

'We [members on the economic commission of the Senate] emphasize the recommendation that CNCAN should make a survey of the national security. In early May CNCAN might present the documents, the report on the survey,' said Varujan Vosganian, chairman of the commission.

Manager of the plant Ionel Bucur made the proposal that the nuclear security measures taken at Cernavoda should be examined by one single commission.

'If several commissions are set up at Cernavoda, one from the Constanta County Council, one from the Ministry of Economy, one from you [Parliament], CNCAN, which is entitled to do it, we shall be taken off our work if several commissions come one after the other. I should suggest having one single commission, within CNCAN, which is the regulatory authority in the field and is recognized all over Europe. Of course, people who want to be on this commission, parliamentarians, can also be co-opted besides CNCAN. We are quite open to it, we offer documents. In the end this commission should draw up a report to be discussed in any form you like,' said Ionel Bucur, manager of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant.

During the hearings manager of SC Nuclearelectrica SA Pompiliu Budulan said in his turn that the 'permanent concern of the people working in the nuclear field is the national security' and emphasized the fact that the Nuclear Power Plant at Cernavoda was designed to be secure. 'Public opinion must know that the reactors at Cernavoda are the best. We think it is true as no accident has been registered so far,' he said.

Budulan also said that, by the attacks against the companies working in the nuclear field, Romania might find it impossible to have the two nuclear groups, reactors 3 and 4, built. The SC Nuclearelectrica SA managing director added that they estimated work on the two reactors should start in 2018.

The members on the economic commission of the Senate on Tuesday talked with the managers of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant about aspects connected to nuclear security. The representatives of CNCAN, MECMA and SC Nuclearelectrica SA are to be also heard by the members on the defence commission of the Senate.
Romania will become dependent on electricity imports if nukes not built
Romania will become dependent on electricity imports if nuclear reactors 3 and 4 are not built at Cernavoda nuclear power plant, according to Pompiliu Budulan, the general manager of state-owned nuclear energy company Nuclearelectrica, which is the plant’s operator. During hearings at the Romanian Senate Tuesday, Budulan asked the media to stop the attacks against Nuclearelectrica.

The company has been recently accused by the local media of irregularities on the purchase of some spare parts used in case of earthquake at Cernavoda's unit 1. Given that the thermal power plants have environment problems, Romania needs to complete the construction of reactors 3 and 4 at Cernavoda, "especially that it has the European Commission's approval," he added. The construction of the two reactors, that will cumulate around 1,400 megawatts of installed power, will double the capacity of the Cernavoda plant. Currently, the plant in Cernavoda has two units that ensure around 20% of the country's electricity production. Works at nuclear reactors 3 and 4 are scheduled for completion in 2017.
Cernavoda nuke plant puts out rd.2M MWh, in first two months of 2011
The two units of the Cernavoda nuke plant put out 1.962 million MWh, over the first two months of 2011, and round 1.809 million MWh of them were supplied to Romania's National Energy Grid, Nuclearelectrica web page informs.The first Unit put out 960,932 MWh and delivered 883,866 MWh, scoring an average environmental factor of 97.34 percent, whereas the Unit 2 put out 1.001 million MWh and delivered 925,100 MWh, at an average environmental factor of 100.58 percent, during the period.Since it became operational till Feb this year, the two units of the Romanian nuke plant made 97.999 million MWh and supplied 90.888 million MWh, to the National Grid.
Traian Basescu: Third reactor at Cernavoda will have to be designed at highest security standard
President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday evening that the third reactor at the Nuclear Electric Power Plant in Cernavoda (south-eastern Romania) should be designed at the highest security standard in the context of the events in Japan and also added that Romania was not in any nuclear danger.

'Romania is not in any nuclear danger. I have all the information at present, from CNCAN [the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control], from the plant, from the Ministry of Economy that there is no risk. Bur what I have asked for (and, of course, I have not asked for it publicly as it is no use getting into panic if there is no clear signal) is that they should check all the security elements of the two reactors and especially I have warned against the plan of the second reactor as we might have to cope with some higher security standards after the events in Japan. We shall have to see to the third reactor being designed at the highest possible security standard,' the Head of State said in an interview to Realitatea TV television channel.

President Basescu added that he had asked the institutions in charge to start a process meant to check all the security elements of the two reactors at the Cernavoda plant.

'I have asked all the institutions in charge, CNCAN and even the mangers of the nuclear power plant to take all the measures for checking the security elements of the plant and, at the same time, I have told SRI [the Romanian Intelligence Service] during the stock taking meeting that they should pay attention to the risks of possibly not observing the nuclear security conditions,' said Traian Basescu.

He also said that the situation of the plant at Cernavoda was a subject of interest for a service that was in charge of the national security.

'Of course it is also of interest for a service that is responsible for the national security to check, just to be informed this time, not from the point of view of the Prosecutor's office or I do not know what institution, if there are risks brought about by what has been bought or not. I shall have to be given a report,' explained the Head of State.