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CNSU updates list of countries with epidemiological risk; Malta - red scenario,Republic of Moldova - green scenario


The National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) approved on Thursday a new decision through which the list of countries / territories with a high epidemiological risk has been updated, Malta and Aruba being in the red scenario, and the Republic of Moldova in the green scenario.

According to the CNSU decision, the following countries have entered the yellow scenario:

- from the red scenario, following a drop in incidence rate: The Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine.

- from the green scenario, following an increase in case incidence: Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, Curacao and the islands Turks and Caicos.

Furthermore, the following countries have entered the green scenario: The Republic of Moldova, Azerbaidjan, Belize, Singapore, French Polynesia and the Grenadine and Saint Vincent islands.

CNSU also approved, through a decision, new exceptions from the quarantine measures for people that are arriving in Romania, valid throughout the period of 10.12.2021 - 08.01.2022, for seafaring personnel that disembark from the decks of inland navigation ships, that fly the Romanian flag, as well as for certain categories of automobile drivers.

Thus, according to the decision of CNSU 116/2021, seafaring personnel is excepted from quarantine measures in the mentioned period that disembarks from inland navigation ships, who fly the Romanian flag, in a Romanian port, with the condition for employers to ensure the certificate for employees in the international transport and individual protection equipment against COVID-19, throughout the travel from the ship to the place where they can be contacted between voyages.

Furthermore, the same treatment is applied for two categories of automobile drivers:

- automobile drivers with a maximum authorized capacity larger than 2.4 tons that ensure freight transportation (that are arriving from member states of the European Union, the European Economic Space or the Swiss Confederation).

- automobile drivers that have more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat, which ensures passenger transportation, if they provide proof of vaccination, testing or going through the disease (who are arriving from member states of the European Union, of the European Economic Space or the Swiss Confederation).