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Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027: Bulgaria and Romania’s strategic plans of EUR 20.5 billion were approved

Tuesday, 7 December, Bulgaria and Romania’s strategic plans under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), amounting to EUR 5.6 billion and EUR 14.9 billion respectively, were   approved by the Commission.


Of the total EU budget for these two countries, more than EUR 5.6 billion will be dedicated to meeting environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes and EUR 436 million to young farmers.


Income support occupies an important place in Bulgaria’s plan to bridge the gap between farmers’ incomes and those of workers in other sectors. More than EUR 600 million will be dedicated to supporting the difficult meat, dairy and fruit and vegetables sectors. As regards environmental actions, the plan will ensure that more than 80 % of arable land has minimal soil cover during sensitive periods in order to improve soil quality. The plan will also support the creation of more than 9,000 jobs and 650 infrastructure investments in rural areas.


Romania’s plan aims to improve farmers’ livelihoods and competitiveness. In addition to income support, around EUR 1.1 billion will be allocated to investments in farms and processing plants. Romania uses 41 % of its rural development budget to encourage ecological practices in high nature value areas in order to protect biodiversity. It is expected that 611 000 hectares of land will be subject to such practices. In order to maintain the attractiveness of rural areas in Romania, the plan will support the creation of more than 12,000 jobs in these areas, with funding for businesses and infrastructure.


The new Common Agricultural Policy(CAP), due to start on 1 January 2023, is designed to shape the transition to a sustainable, resilient and modern European agricultural sector. The CAP will receive EUR 270 billion in funding for the period 2023-2027.





Thursday, December 8, 2022