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Companies in Romania want to bring more workers from Viet-nam  to the country


Approximately 500 Viet-namese workers  work now in Romania and there are discussions to bring more,but the bureaucratic process of our country delays their arrivals with two  or three months, stated on Monday Mihai Daraban, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) in a business forum Romania-Viet-nam where the premier Asian country took part as well.

‘The commercial exchanges of Romania with Viet-nam  are under expectations, as we have an economy based on industry especially,industry which produces parts for finite equipment, which are, most of the times,under other brands. In a direct statistics,we have 185 million euro last year and a modest exchange in services of 16 million. Of course,  the balance sheet is in favour of Viet-nam as 70% of the imports we have with Viet-nam are generally electronics and electric household, to see Black Friday in Romania’ Daraban said.

In Romania  there are 225  companies with Viet-namese capital with 2 million euro subscribed.
‘Very many are for import-export,constructions, as our need for workforce is known not only by us but  by other countries as well. There are 500 Viet-namese workers in Romania,there are 160 only in the naval shipyard of Constanta. Viet-nam has become attraction for the workforce, there are Romanian companies involved in bringing workforce from Viet-nam’ the CCIR official said.

According to him,there are discussions to bring more  workers from Viet-nam to Romania.
‘Luckily, the government has diminished the taxation ceiling, so  that, until one year ago, the foreign workforce was taxed at the medium salary per economy, and now for the minimum salary, which is laudable. I think that we have to improve the bureaucracy in immigrations,  which is still lacking, the multitude of documents which need to be presented by employers. We are talking about two-three months of delay only due to bureaucracy. And our authorities, the inspectorate for immigrations in the ministry of domestic affairs must understand that these people will not remain in the country,they are for a clearly-cut contract, for a limited period of time,but they do whatever it takes to take money back to their families and that’s all.They don’t intend to  do tourism, excursions, free days which we clearly give them’ Daraban said.

Asked by the journalists how they see the cases of Viet-namese workers who were accommodated in poor conditions, as a part of the media showed, he said that he had not heard about such things,but,according to him, no Viet-namese workers are too picky about accommodation, as what is important for them is to save more money to take home.

Present at the forum, premier of Viet-name Nguyen Xuan Phuc showed that the delegation he leads is made up of a big number of business people and he is convinced that this forum  is an opportunity for the business people of the two countries.

‘It has been  the first visit of a prime-minister from Viet-nam to Romania since 1977.Viet-nam and Romania have had relations of friendship and cooperation for seven decades (…). We have discussed with prime-minister Dancila about the concrete measures for the promotion of bilateral relations, as well as  the international and regional themes of common interest.The discussions focused on cooperation in education and workforce, we have noticed the relations of friendship and bilateral cooperation during the previous period have developed, but the cooperation potential is still large enough. We want this relation of cooperation to develop more and to become efficient and trustful partners. (…).Viet-nam congratulates Romania for the assumption of the presidency of the EU Council during the first six months of this year. Viet-nam  is sure that Romania will meet the task perfectly well, confirming its role and position in the international community and in the EU’ said the Viet-namese premier at Palatul Victoria.