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Coronavirus: Bucharest’s first drive-through vaccination center opens this week


The first drive-through vaccination center in Bucharest opens this Thursday, April 29. It is located in Constitutiei Square and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to be used.

Vaccination at drive-through centers is done without a prior appointment, but those who want to get the vaccine must show an identity document. “It is a solution that has worked in other countries and helped support the vaccination campaign, and in a few days, this solution will become operational in Bucharest as well,” mayor Nicusor Dan said on Facebook.


This is the third drive-through vaccination center in Romania, after the ones in Deva and Cluj-Napoca.A so-called “vaccination marathon” will also be organized in Bucharest on May 7-9, at Sala Palatului and the National Library. During the event, vaccination at these two centers will be done 24 hours a day, without a prior appointment. A new marathon will be organized 21 days later, for the second dose, according to G4media.ro.


The first “vaccination marathon” was organized in Timisoara, and more than 6,700 people got vaccinated during the three-day event. Similar marathons are scheduled to take place in Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, and Iasi between May 14 and May 16.

Meanwhile, Valeriu Gheorghita, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign, said that all the vaccination centers in Craiova would stay open 24 hours a day for a week (between May 10 and May 17), News.ro reported. During this pilot project, those interested can receive a COVID-19 vaccine without needing to book an appointment on the online platform. The authorities plan to extend this option to other cities as well, depending on the results of the pilot project in Craiova.

Romania kicked off its COVID-19 vaccination campaign on December 27, 2020. According to official data, more than 5 million doses have been administered so far in the country, to a total of over 3.15 million people.


Romania accelerated the vaccination campaign in recent weeks, as the authorities’ plan is for the country to have 5 million vaccinated people by June.


Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Wednesday that until June 1, pilot events will take place - theater performances, opera - mentioning that the situation will be discussed differently once there will be 5 million vaccinated people.

"In Bucharest there will be some pilot events and we will see performances at the National Theater. I think there is one at the Romanian Opera as well. These events will take place in the next period, after that we will see exactly the implications, a week or two later, but I just talked to the mayor of Cluj, who wants to hold a similar event, a pilot event in Cluj-Napoca. After we have this information, we can talk more, but, I repeat, when we reach June 1 and if by then we have 5 million vaccinated people - and this is why we have to get vaccinated, - we will be able to discuss the situation differently. If we do not get vaccinated, we will have a difficult task in moving forward with any scenario we put on the table," Citu said when asked about the relaxation proposals for June 1 and when the first events with spectators could take place in Bucharest.

"I would like for restaurants, for example, to no longer have this connection with the incidence rate and to remain open, with a capacity of 30, 40, 50 percent, but there is an important condition: to have all the staff vaccinated. It is difficult to eliminate the risk of infection if there are people in the staff who have not been vaccinated yet," he added.