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Crisis in Moldova seen by Iulian Chifu: Dialogue can be maintained by Romania by special envoy to Chisinau


Professor Iulia Chifu, former presidential councilor, declared on Tuesday for Mediafax, that Romania must continue to use bilateral diplomacy about  the situation in Moldova, pointing out that dialogue can be maintained by special envoy to Chisinau.

Iulian Chifu pointed out that organizing a CSAT meeting in the context of the political and constitutional crisis in Moldova represents the option of the country's president, but can represent an option which can develop other elements concerning national security, involved by the new situation existing in the neighbour country.

According to the former presidential councilor, in case a CSAT meeting is summoned to support relaxing the situation and maintaining the pro-European development, the other elements belonging to national security, generated by the new accord signed by Moldova could be integrated. “The other elements concerning national security, involved in the new situation generated by this accord between the pro-Russian Socialist Party and MPs who went to Moscow for directions and who took over important positions in the security apparatus, the Defense Ministry, deputy premier for integration and the wish to take over the leadership of the Security Service in Chisinau,” Iulian Chifu said.

According to him, “the obvious Russian presence” in the Chisinau situation is an element of national security and could be topic of discussion in case CSAT is summoned.

Chifu also declared that Romania should use bilateral diplomacy with international partners and allies, but at the same time sending a special envoy to Chisinau, with a view to carrying out dialogues with the parties and communicating Romania's stand versus the crisis could be a variant.

“In Moldova there is a political and international crisis. Getting out of this situation can be only by political dialogue which should clearly state formulas for going forward. Until now we have seen a kind of autism,”Iulian Chifu concluded.