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Dan Diaconescu does not sign contract with Oltchim


Dan Diaconescu said, on Monday, that he did not sign the sale-buying contract of the majority share package of Oltchim, in value of 203 million lei, because it lacks clauses, paragraphs and annexes.

'This weekend, only my colleagues, lawyers and consultants have worked on the terms of the contract. This contract lacks clauses, annexes, paragraphs. With the exception of a stamp added to the old contract there is no difference. They have not even named the buyer. There are 100 and something mismatches discovered ', said Dan Diaconescu, emphasizing that also the opinion of the Competition Council is missing, the one on the pollutants.

He mentioned that his representatives will remain in ministry until the contract is completed and that the main condition laid, which also figures in the process of adjudication, is that the money should fully go into the treasury of Oltchim.

Dan Diaconescu was declared on Friday the winner of the bidding for the acquisition of 54.8 percent of the share capital of Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea.


The tender for the privatization of Ramnicu Valcea Oltchim plant is correct, the whole privatization process being conceived by one of the leading consultants - PricewaterhouseCoopers - said on Monday the Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, Daniel Chitoiu.

'In legal terms, it is an absolutely correct bidding. The entire privatization process was conceived by a consultant in privatizations that is among the largest companies in the field - PricewaterhouseCoopers - in collaboration with OPSPI (the Office for State Participations and Privatization in Industry - editor's note). We are not to be blamed, if this contract fails to be concluded. (...) I hope that Mr. Diaconescu will come and will pay the price per shares and will observe his commitment in the purchasing offer, which says he has teams of Romanian and foreign specialists who will manage the company', said Chitoiu in the meeting of PNL Central Political Bureau.

Asked if debts to the state might have excluded a participant in the auction, Chitoiu confirmed, adding that in the case of Dan Diaconescu the certificate of fiscal obligations figures with a zero and he has no criminal records.

He mentioned that the state examines a rescue loan for Oltchim, on a six-month period, in case Dan Diaconescu, the winner of the majority share package, transfers the amount of 45 million euros at the completion of negotiations.

The Minister of Economy added that certain contract terms can be negotiated, 'but not in a fundamental manner'.He said it is important that, within ten days, the sale-purchase contract for Oltchim to be concluded. According to the minister, in case the contract for Oltchim privatization is not concluded, the commitment towards IMF will not be affected.

Chitoiu stressed that Dan Diaconescu has made several commitments other than those provided for in the contract and added that he had offered a higher amount - 'a lot of money, much more than in the offer', he pinpointed.


Prime Minister Ponta accuses Videanu, Diaconescu of conniving at Oltchim


Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who heads the Social Democrat Party (PSD), on Monday said the Democratic Liberals (PDL, in opposition) and television entrepreneur Dan Diaconescu ‘manoeuvred' things at Oltchim chemical plant.

'As you can see, it is us who have to repair all the wrongs done by the Democratic Liberal Party and the biggest robbery is the many years that Oltchim has been plundered by the PDL firms, with hundreds of millions of euros in public money being put into the pockets of the biggest thief - Mr. (Adriean) Videanu (an Economy Minister in the Emil Boc Government - editor's note). You could see how Mr. Videanu and Mr. (Constantin) Roibu (former Oltchim managing director - editor's note), a day ahead of the auction, were manoeuvring as to how things should be done at Oltchim and in political understanding, of course, with DD (Dan Diaconescu) so as to try to cover the traces of the huge fraud committed by the PDL at Oltchim', Ponta said ahead of a meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau.

'You are very well aware of the Government's decision - if Dan Diaconescu has the money, if Videanu gives him the money to bring it right away - and afterwards we'll take care of what further happens with the (Oltchim) jobs, with the rest of the debts. /.../ The Government, the same as it did before, will take care to pay the August wages, as it paid the July wages and we'll find a solution to rescue the plant, to rescue the jobs, but the thieves like Videanu and this moment's imposters should be held to account before the law', he added.

Dan Diaconescu on Friday was declared winner of a bid to purchase 54.8 percent of Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea share capital. Earlier on Monday, Diaconescu said that he had not signed the sale-purchase contract of the Oltchim majority share package, in value of 203 million lei, because it lacked clauses, paragraphs and appendices.


Privatisation of Oltchim could resume next year


The privatisation of the Oltchim chemicals plant could resume in mid-2013, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major in the ruling coalition, said Monday at the end of a meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau.

He added that 'Oltchim's saviour' Dan Diaconescu does not have the money to buy the plant, but 'he is backed up by the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), who intend to cover up their thefts.' Asked whether the privatisation of Oltchim will resume next year, Ponta said yes.

'Yes. The government cannot remain the major shareholder; it has been for the past 20 years and just look at how Oltchim is faring now. Obviously it needs a strong strategic partner,' said Ponta.
He said that there was a big Russian company having voiced intention to compete in the race for the privatisation of Oltchim, but withdrew at the last moment, when it 'saw the political circus staged by Dan Diaconescu.'

Ponta showed that this Russian company is TISE, which could file a bid again for Oltchim.
'There was a big Russian company called TISE that withdrew at the last moment. We have their letter. Probably they did not want to join this political game started by Mr. Diaconescu. They told us clearly in the letter that now they no longer want to participate, but it will stay interested. This is one of the world's largest companies and it wants to secure the functioning of Oltchim. We have OMV's agreement to sell the Arpechim oil refinery to the future shareholders of Oltchim, but big money is needed there again. So this is a very serious operation,' said Ponta.

He assured the Government will keep the situation at Oltchim under control and take the necessary measures, both to restart the plant and to save the jobs there.

'Only in that particular case could Diaconescu or Videanu, the two loud voices behind this situation at Oltchim, have had reasons to complain that the Government refuses. ... The things about which I have sounded the alarm for some time, that everything is just an attempt to cover the frauds made over the past few years with the support of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and that Diaconescu joined this scam to cover up frauds, comes to light now. And then, as we realize the so-called winner had neither the money nor the intention to become a shareholder and act as majority owner of Oltchim, we will approve the measures for the future together with the Ministry of Economy so as the plant should enter in a special procedure by which we could safeguard jobs, restart its activity and find an earnest investor as soon as possible,' said the Head of Government.


Dan Diaconescu meets possible investor in Oltchim in Munich


Dan Diaconescu - People's Party (PP-DD) Chairman Dan Diaconescu went to Munich on Monday for discussions referring to Oltchim with the possible investor whose name was not made public, PP-DD secretary general Liviu Neagu told Agerpres.

'Dan Diaconescu went to Munich, from where he will return tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, when the discussions concerning the sale agreement of the Oltchim shares continue. In Munich he is discussing the Oltchim topic, also, with the investor he spoke of these days,' Liviu Neagu said.