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Daraban (CCIR): 65% of businessmen agree with DNA actions


Most businessmen in Romania back the anti-corruption fight, because they realized they cannot attract foreign partners unless they are correct and observe the law, said Mihai Daraban, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) on Tuesday, at a seminar on anti-corruption practises in business, organized in partnership with the US Embassy.

The CCIR official showed that, according to an opinion poll made by CSOP, most Romanian businessmen backed the fight against corruption.

“For two years on a row, we have been making opinion polls with third institutes and I can tell you that in every poll made, 65% of the business environment agrees with DNA actions. Willy, nilly, this is reality expressed by companies, because they started seeing transparency and the chance in what public tender means”, the president of CCIR said.

According to him, the big problem of businessmen in Romania was access to public tenders.

There are 7,129 companies with American capital and 800 million euro subscribed capital, 1.6 billion euro direct American investments and 1.7 billion euro commercial exchanges between the two countries.

He added there were few multinational companies in Romania, the existing one being regional, such as companies in the banking and oil sectors, while big international brands are in fact franchises.

Asked about how foreign investors react when seeing how politicians modify law in Romania quote often, Daraban answered: “This is our problem, the fact that we cannot have an efficient economic diplomacy, because, jokingly, God forbid having a longer flight to South America, as the law can change by arrival. In economic diplomacy, besides presenting products and services you can offer, you are asked about the level of taxation in your country, labour force taxation, the public-private partnership law, which means its application. We, those who are involved as an institution, we have to fight against these customs and get stabilized, once and for all.”

In his opinion, Romanian authorities should copy the law functioning in other countries. “Hot water was invented and so was the wheel. Where we don’t know we should import laws”, the CCIR official concluded.