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Debate in the European Parliament on the situation in the Republic of Moldova: the Romanian MEPs required support for Kishinev


Several Romanian MEPs insisted on Tuesday, in the European Parliament, in the presence of the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi, that Moldova should be helped during this difficult period, and the negotiations to join the bloc should start as soon as possible.

The debates in the European Parliament on the situation in the Republic of Moldova took place due to the recent street protests and warnings made by the authorities in Kishinev according to whom Russia wants to organize a coup in the Republic of Moldova including through sabotage and through the stimulation of civil unrest as a way of stopping the process of integration of the republic to the European Union sends on Wednesday Radio Kishinev which quotes Radio Romania Actualitati.

The message sent in the European forum by the commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi was that the EU is solidary with the Republic of Moldova and the future of the country is in the community bloc.

The European commissioner for neighbourhood and enlargement said that help for the Republic of Moldova will continue both financially and with experts who support the cyber security and combat disinformation.

The commission also announced that a new set of sanctions is being prepared for the people who try to deviate the Republic of Moldova from its European pathway.

Oliver Varhelyi said that at the same time the Republic of Moldova as a candidate state continues to make reforms from the perspective of accession and from this point of view it is high on the political agenda of the EU.

The Romanian MEPs supported in one voice that the Republic of Moldova must be helped to face the challenges of any kind and negotiations for accession to the community area must be started as soon as possible.

We must continue to help the Republic of Moldova. Firstly, we have to help the Republic of Moldova financially, so that the authorities are able to help the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and the companies in the Republic of Moldova to surpass this period. We have to tell the Republic of Moldova, after the implementation of the nine reforms we required what comes next. And I say, as soon as these nine reforms are implemented, that we have to start accession negotiations to the EU during this year’ said the MEP Siegfried Muresan.

The MEP Carmen Avram said that the Republic of Moldova needs the European Union to face the challenges for destabilization of the country. ‘The seed of the conflict is present in Moldova after the well-known scheme: actions of destabilization are more and more often, the pro-Russian groups are reactivated. The scenes in Transnistria are increasingly strenuous, the Kremlin is in a hurry. We have to be faster than them, and Moldova has to be helped to find its own domestic political balance.

Respect to European values does not have and cannot have a political colour. During crucial moments, when you need all your allies, to divide by blaming undeserved and ostracizing a part of the genuinely pro-European electorate just because it comes from the opposition, from the left of the political spectrum, is counterproductive and can become destructive..


The MEP Dragos Tudorache spoke about the solidarity of the EU with the Moldova citizens who chose the European pathway. ‘The success of the path chosen by the Republic of Moldova and president Maia Sandu or the success of the path chosen by Ukraine and president Zelenski are nothing by denials of the Putin way (the Russian president Vladimir Putin- o.n). The war in Ukraine is about this and the hybrid relentless attack on the Republic of Moldova and its political leadership is about this. The Moldovan oligarchs affiliated with Putin are now leading this attack, paying mercenaries of protests, manipulating the opinions of the vulnerable and all this to sabotage democracy and the European path for which Moldovans are making so much sacrifice’ said Dragos Tudorache.

The MEP Eugen Tomac said in his turn that it is need for concrete measures on the part of the European Commission to support the Republic of Moldova to face the campaigns of destabilization of the pro-European government in Kishinev.

A resolution regarding the situation in the Republic of Moldova would be under vote in the European Parliament in a future plenary session.



Thursday, March 16, 2023