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Decision on claw back adopted following analysis before 15 June


The decision on the claw back tax will be made following an impact analysis before 15 June by representatives of the ministries of Finance, Health, Justice, National Health Insurance House and the pharmaceutical industry, minister Vasile Cepoi announced on Tuesday.


The health minister declared that the government meeting decided to set up a work group to analyse the amendment of the formula on which the claw back tax is calculated. “we will have simulations to see how these changes can modify the budget structure”, Cepoi said.He pointed out that the work group has 15 June as deadline to complete the analysis based on which future decisions on the claw back tax will be made.


The Health Ministry points out that representatives of the Association of Romanian and international medicine producers and those of the Association of Generic Medicine producers agreed on this variant and will be part of the work group.


The ministers of health and finance discussed with premier Victor Ponts about claw back taxes in the pharmaceutical industry when companies pointed out they would withdraw compensated and free medicine from the list if the government did not change the tax.