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EcoMin Fifor: The 8-wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) to be manufactured at Moreni


The 8-wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) to be manufactured at Moreni will be a Romanian product and, after the endowment of the Romanian Armed Forces it could also be exported, Economy Minister Mihai Fifor told a news conference in Ploiesti on Thursday. 

''We are talking about two large carrier makers: Rheinmetall, a German company, and General Dynamics, an American company, and the discussions with the two companies (...) were very clear: 'we are producing a Romanian product'. It's true, that we start with German and American know-how transfers to Romania. Both companies retool the factories where this product is developed. Of course, the first customer of the two factories will be the Romanian Armed Forces, as the Romanian Army always has priority in the supply of equipment and ammunition. That's what we do, even if we have export contracts, we always provide first for the Romanian Army," said Fifor. 

He added that the factories where the production of the APC will be carried out are the Moreni Automecanica mechanical plant in Dambovita County and the Bucharest Mechanical Plant. The Moreni Automecanica plant in Dambovita County and the German supplier of military technology Rheinmetall have signed the constitution of the Romanian Military Vehicle Systems joint venture in June, with the new company expected to manufacture the 8x8 APC. 

Fifor on Thursday toured several facilities of national interest in Prahova Couty, namely the Plopeni Mechanical Plant and Electromecanica mechanical plant of Ploiesti operating under the authority of the Ministry of Economy. 

He also said that the funds allocated to the Romanian defence industry are aimed at developing this area. 

"I want to inform you that throughout this period, the Ministry of Economy has considered that under no circumstances should those who are currently potential investors in Romania believe that they have come shopping or that we have made purchases on the international market. This money is for the Romanian defence industry, it is true that foreign acquisitions will also be made, but we are interested in the money being invested in producing added value in the Romanian defence industry," Fifor said.