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"Educated Romania" project, launched at the Cotroceni Presidential by President Iohannis


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace that the "Educated Romania" project he initiated and whose results were publicly debated, is a strategic one, underscoring that it is not just a political tale or his electoral programme.

"'Educated Romania' is a strategic project, that wants to shape, to create an education system for Romania of the 21st century, that wants to help politicians to come up with good educational policies, wants to help teachers to succeed in teaching so that they and the pupils, as well as the parents and employers be content. It is a project that wants to help the school principal to know how to manage his/her unit, in order to have good results. But what are the results that can be measured? Not even this response is not that simple to find. (...) 'Educated Romania' is not a draft law, so it's not a simple recipe, it's not just a political story, it's not my electoral programme, 'Educated Romania' is our Romania, of all, for the generations to come," Iohannis stated.

The President underscored that education is the basis of future generations.
According to him, there are elites in education, but 40 percent of the gymnasium graduates are functionally illiterate, stressing that this is a big issue.

"20 percent of Romania's children leave before graduating school. Where do they go? We don't really know. These are children, whose chance for the future gets stolen. They are children, the majority, who get lost somewhere. Very few can be recovered. Thus, we have mixed results, so to speak. It's not good! But, if we want to build a very solid system, we have to ask ourselves: what kind of training do we want to provide to our young generations? What are we to prepare them for? For life, yes, for a career, yes; for a profession, certainly. But what kind of profession? For the professions of the 20th century? We should train them for the professions of the 21st century, obviously, but what are they?," Iohannis stated.

The head of state said that many professions will disappear in the future and, in this context, we have to be careful to pupils' training. He showed that he wants a quality and flexible educational system.

"My ambition is that no child of Romania, no youngster of Romania gets left out. We must find solutions to integrate them all. Do you remember? There was, I believe two years ago, a Baccalaureate when the pass rate was half. Such a thing is a national catastrophe and it is the worst mark for the current system. We cannot afford to lose any children in Romania. This is what I want with the 'Educated Romania' project," Iohannis mentioned.

He added that the "Educated Romania" project he initiated is a strategic one, underscoring that it is not just a political tale or his electoral programme.

The event was attended by three Secretaries of State with the Education Ministry, the relevant ministry, taking into account that Minister Ecaterina Andronescu is in Brussels.