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Egypt bought 60,000 tons of Romanian wheat for a price of 15.2 million dollars


 The Egyptian authorities bought on Tuesday 60,000 tons of wheat from Romania for which they paid almost 15.52 million dollars slightly under the price of 15.6 million dollars paid for a similar quantity at the beginning of September.

The 60,000 tons of Romanian wheat were bought from the trader Nedera, according to an announcement posted on the site of the General Authority for Acquisitions (GASC). The price per ton was 258.62 dollars against 259.88 dollars paid at the auction of last month.

Egypt, the biggest importer of cereals in the world acquired 60,000 tons of wheat from the French trader Souffle at a price of 257.9dollars per ton and other 60,000 tons from the Russian company Olam at a price of 256.43 dollars/ton.

Prices do not include guaranteeing taxes. The delivery of the cereals will be made on 21-30 November.

Starting with 1 July, the authorities in Egypt agreed on the acquisition of 660,000 tons of wheat from Romania for the quantity of over 585,000 tons from Russian and that of 540,000 tons from France, according to the calculations made by Mediafax on the basis of the GASC data and Bloomberg’s data as well.

Romania deported a production of wheat of 7.37 million tons this year, up by last year when the production was 7.34 million tons, as the biggest production of the last nine years and the second of the last 44 years.