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eMag announces that the PRICES will rise due to the depreciation of the leu and the legislation in China


The prices of the products sold by  eMag will rise in December and January in the context of the depreciation of the leu against the euro and the dollar, of the legislation regarding the protection of the environment in China and the growth of the salaries, stated Iulian Stanciu, the general manager of eMag in a press conference.

Prices will grow in the next period, in the context where several products are imported and bought in euro or dollars, currencies which record a growing trend over the last days, Stanciu said.

The prices will grow due to the legislation in China regarding the environment protection.’There are many products made in China: electrical household appliances, household products. For about a year China has implemented a legislation regarding the protection of the environment which led to the increase in prices. It is not evident everywhere for the moment, but the prices will grow due to this legislation’ said Stanciu.

„ ‘There are not things we could control one hundered percent, such as the exchange rate, the growth of salaries – they are factors which we see in the price and eventually they are sent to the final customer, with some spacing out taking into consideration the fact that we have some stocks’ the eMag manager said.



Tuesday, November 14, 2017