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Enel may renounce the sale of their operations in Romania


The Italians with Enel may renounce the sale of their operations in Romania, since they cannot get 1.8 billion euros from this transaction, as they wanted, official sources said on Thursday. 

'Enel has to sell assets to cover some debts and it needs 1.8 billion euros from the sale of its three energy distributions held in Romania. From our assessments, they will not be able to get more than 1.2 - 1.3 billion euros,' said the sources. 

According to them, Enel has requested a bonus of 500 million euros to sell the three distributions en bloc, which together hold a quite large share of the energy supply market. 

'The sale cannot be made en bloc as the privatization of the three distributions wad not made en bloc. There are different privatization contracts, with different conditions,' the said sources added. 

These added that there was a company from China that would have been willing to pay including the bonus, but the Romanian state is not OK with Chinese control over Enel Dobrogea, because in this area there is an American military base. 

In addition to Electrica and Nuclearelectrica, other companies interested in taking over Enel operations would be German one E.ON and Electricite de France, the sources added. 

'There is currently a 50-50% chance for Enel to renounce selling its operations in Romania and sell assets from other countries to cover its debts,' the cited sources underscored.