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EP2014: Final election results


The PSD-UNPR-PC alliance of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC) won 16 seats in the European Parliament in the May 25 European elections in Romania, spokesman for the Central Electoral Bureau Marian Muhulet announced on Thursday.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) won 6 seats, the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) five seats, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) 2 seats, the People's Movement Party (PM) 2 seats and independent Mircea Diaconu one seat.


The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has handed out, on Thursday, the mandates proving their election as MEPs following the vote on May 25.

Elected as European Parliament members from the PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance are the following: Corina Cretu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Catalin Ivan, Dan Nica, Maria Grapini, Damian Draghici, Daciana Sarbu, Ioan Mircea Pascu, Viorica Dancila, Ionel Sorin Moisa, Victor Bostinaru, Claudiu Ciprian Tanasescu, Doru Claudian Frunzulica, Constantin Laurentiu Rebega, Claudia Tapardel, Andi Lucian Cristea.

The PSD Chairman, Prime Minister Victor Ponta has announced on Thursday that Ecaterina Andronescu will not assume her mandate as an MEP, as the party cannot without her given the short span of time remaining until the presidential elections. 'We have agreed that she will remain an MP in the Romanian Senate', said Victor Ponta.

Next on the PSD list for the European Parliament elections is Victor Negrescu.

Elected as European Parliament members from PNL are the following: Norica Nicolai, Adina Valean, Ramona Manescu, Cristian Busoi, Renate Weber, Eduard Hellvig.

The Democrat Liberals (PD-L) will be represented in the EP by Theodor Stolojan, Monica Macovei, Traian Ungureanu, Marian Jean Marinescu, and Daniel Buda.

PMP and UDMR will send two representatives each to Brussels - Cristian Preda and Siegfried Muresan for PMP and Iuliu Winkler and Csaba Sogor for UDMR.

Independent Mircea Diaconu has also won a mandate for the European Parliament.