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Eurobarometer: Number of Romanians who trust independence of justice dropped lately

Only 40% of Romanians have a good and good enough opinion about the independence of courts of law and judges, on the drop compared to 2018, the proportion being smaller than the EU average (56%), according to Eurobarometer opinion poll released by the European Commission on Friday.

On the other hand, the proportion of those who have a rather bad  (27%) and very bad opinion (17%) grew by 3% and 2% against last year, while 16% of Romanians said they did not know (+2%).

At EU 28 level, the proportion of people with good (12%) and very good  perception (44%) is 56%, being on the rise in the first case (+1) and dropping in the latter case (-1). At the same time, at EU 28 level, the proportion of people with rather bad (22%) and very bad opinion (11%) is only 33%, against 44% in Romania.

People who see the independence of justice as rather bad or very bad (44% of total in Romania), they consider the interference of the government and politicians as the main cause for this situation. 48% of them say the existence of these interferences and pressures count “very much” in their perception of justice, while 23% say it is “somewhat” important.

The statement that the state and the judges' stand does not guarantee  their independence justifies a lot their negative perception on justice in the case of 18% of respondents, while 37% say it justifies it to some extent.

The opinion poll was made in Romania over January 9-11, on a sample of 1,005 persons, through telephone interviews.