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European objectives of Romania will be managed by Italy

The European objectives of Romania will be managed in the second quarter of this year by Italy who will have the EU presidency, country with which Romania has good relationships, premier Victor Ponta said, after the meeting he had on Friday in Rome with his counterpart Matteo Renzi. “ In the second quarter of this year, Italy will get the EU presidency and obviously, the European objectives of our country will be managed by a country with which we have good relationships” Ponta said at the end of the meeting. He added that Romania and Italy coordinate very well as regards the European development, as well as the regional policy.


Romanian Premier Victor Ponta on Friday met his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi and the two officials discussed the relations between the two states, the economic and trade relations, but also European politics.

'We have discussed the relations between the two countries in an extremely friendly manner. I have thanked him and reiterated the importance Romania attaches to the way in which the more than one million Romanians living in Italy lead their daily life, our satisfaction with the fact that in the educational system of Italy [there are] those lessons of Romanian which are taught two times a week by Romanian teachers supported by Romania's Government. Obviously, the support for the integration of the Romanians living here, for guaranteeing their rights, equal rights with the rights of all the other European citizens,' said Ponta after the meeting he had with the President of the Council of Ministers in Italy.

The Romanian Premier made it clear that he had an exchange of opinions with Matteo Renzi connected to the Romanian-Italian economic partnership and said that in Romania there were over 35,000 Italian companies, from big investors to smaller investors. 'Obviously, Italy is one of Romania's trade partners, if I am not mistaken, the second in the European Union when it comes to the level of trade exchanges,' said Victor Ponta.

He added that, during the talks with the Italian Premier, they also approached subjects of European politics. 'We have also talked about European politics, about the fact that we are two countries that always coordinate our movements and have common opinions on European development, but also the policy the EU conducts in our neighbourhood, about the fact that in the second half of this year Italy will be president of the European Union and Romania's European goals will be managed by a country with which we have such good relations,' explained Ponta.

On the other hand, the Romanian Premier said that he congratulated Renzi for the position he holds and added that he belonged to the same generation with his Italian counterpart.

'I can't help being very happy that Mr Renzi, as actually I had made a bet some time ago, set the record in point of age for the holder of the position of prime minister. He has a task that is even more difficult than mine as Italy is a much larger country and obviously difficulties are much more numerous too, but I am happy it is a new generation of politicians in Europe and I am proud to be one of this generation and to have good relations that must influence the way the Romanians in Italy live and the relation between the two countries,' said Victor Ponta.