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Eurostat: Romania has the lowest productivity of natural resources in EU


Romania had a lower productivity of natural resources in 2020 than Bulgaria, ranking last in the European Union, according to data published on Tuesday by Eurostat.

While in Romania and Bulgaria the productivity of natural resources last year was less than 0.4 euros / kilogram, in the Netherlands it was 5.4 euros / kilogram, the best performance in the EU. The European average was 2.22 euros / kilogram, compared to 0.38 euro / kilogram in Romania and 0.43 euro / kilogram in Bulgaria.

Depending on purchasing power parity (artificial currency that eliminates price differences between countries), Romania and Bulgaria remain on last place in the EU in terms of resource productivity, with 0.7 PPP / kg in Romania and 0.8 PPP / kg in Bulgaria. In addition to Romania and the neighboring country, only Estonia has a productivity of natural resources of less than 1 PPP per kilogram. At the opposite end there are the Netherlands, with a productivity of natural resources of 4.7 PPP / kg, followed by Luxembourg 3.9 PPP / kg and Italy 3.7 PPP / kg.

Eurostat data show that the productivity of natural resources in Romania is constantly decreasing in recent years from 0.45 euro / kg in 2018, to 0.42 euro / kg in 2019 and 0.38 euro / kg in 2020.

The level of resource productivity varies greatly between EU Member States. These differences can be explained by a country's natural resources, the diversity of its industrial activities, the role played by the services sector and construction activities, as well as by the scale and patterns of its consumption and its various energy sources.