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EY study: 31% of the Romanian companies consider that the business environment is affected by corruption


Despite the progress recorded in combating corruption in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (the EMEIA area) 51% of the surveyed companies in the study Erst&Young (EY) EMEIA Fraud Survey still keep a large spread of the practices connected to corruption in their countries.

In Romania the percentage is 31% dropping against 2015 when the percentage was 39%.

27% of the total of interviewed state that bribery is practiced often in the service of business to get contacts. The countries of origin of 14% of the latter are in Western Europe. The report ‘ Human instinct or machine logic – which do you trust most in the fight against fraud and corruption ?’ relies on a survey developed among 4,100 employees in big companies, from 41 countries, the EY press release says.

The management does not succeed in promoting a culture of ethical behaviour, according to the survey: 77% of the managers in the boards or senior managers say that they would like to justify a certain kind of behaviour lacking in ethics to help a business to survive. Moreover, one out of three would be willing to offer money to get or to keep a business.

Even so, 28% of the respondents think that the regulations in the domain had a positive impact to discourage the behaviour lacking in ethics, showing an increase of four percentage points against the survey of 2015. 77% of the interviewees consider that criminal investigation of the people involved in corruption acts contribute to the discouragement of fraud and bribery among the decision-makers.

The representatives of the Generation Y ( aged between 25 and 34) who represent 32% of the interviewees show a more relaxed attitude against the behaviour lacking in ethics . 73% of those state that such behaviour is justified to help a business to survive as compared to 49% of the representatives of Generation X (45 to 54 years old).

More than that, 68%of the interviewees of the Generation Y think that the management of their company would have a kind of behaviour lacking in ethics to help a business to survive and 25% of the same group of age would offer to get or to keep a business /a client. The representatives of the Generation Y show, similarly, a lack of trust among their colleagues. Thus, 49% consider that they would act non-ethically to improve their own evolution in the career.

Despite the fact that the lines for phone assistance for the reporting of corruption (whistleblowing) are considered an important part of the programme of conformity of a company, only 21% of the respondents know of such a channel in their company while 73%would take into consideration delivering information directly to a third party such as a judicial part. Moreover, 52% of the respondents are worried about the problems in their organisations. Out of the interviewed ones, 48% felt the pressure not to divulge information, so that 56% of the latter chose not to report the corruption cases.



Thursday, April 6, 2017