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FDI in 2014: 2.42 billion euros

Romania drew in 2014 foreign direct investments (FDI) totaling 2.42 billion euros, and the final balance of investments at end-2014 reached almost 60.2 billion euros, shows a statistical research on FDI made by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) in collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics (INS). 

The investments as contributions to the companies' own capital totaled last year 2.846 billion euros, but the volume of net loans taken out from foreign investors decreased by 425 million euros, so that the net amount of FDI in 2014 was 2.42 billion euros. 

Most foreign investments, out of the total recorded in late 2014, were made mainly in processing industry (32.0pct of total FDI balance). "The best represented sectors in this industry are crude oil processing, chemicals, rubber and plastics (5.7pct of the total FDI balance), transport means (5.4pct), metallurgy (4.5pct), food, drinks and tobacco (4.0pct), cement, glass, ceramics (2.6pct) and manufacturing of wood products, including furniture (2.5pct)," mentions the cited research. 

Besides industry, the activities that drew significant FDI are financial brokerage and insurance (13pct of total), retail and wholesale trade (11.7pct), construction and real estate transactions (9.8pct), information technology and communications (6pct). The fewest FDI drawn were found in hotels and restaurants (0.9pct of total FDI), transport (1.7pct) and agriculture (2.5pct). 

Territory-wise, FDI was mainly oriented to the development region Bucharest - Ilfov (59.2pct), followed at a big distance by the Centre (9.7pct), West (7.7pct), South - Muntenia (7pct) and North - West (5.6pct). 

The top five countries in terms of their share in total FDI on December 31, 2014 are: the Netherlands (23.6pct of total FDI), Austria (16.1pct), Germany (12.4pct), Cyprus (7 .pct) and France (6.8pct). 

The most investments underway at end-2014 in Romania were made by companies based in the Netherlands (23.6pct of total FDI), followed by Austria (16.1pct), Germany (12.4pct), Cyprus (7.1pct) and France (6.8pct). "The distribution was done according to the country of residence of the direct holder of at least 10pct in the share capital of the enterprises with FDI in Romania," reads the document. 

On the other hand, in 2014, greenfield investments, mergers and acquisitions recorded a low level of 77 and 196 million euros respectively. "The predominant share in the flow of capital participations in 2014 is represented by the restructuring of companies, with a value of 2.438 billion euros, or 58pct of participations, and development of companies, with 1.511 billion euros, representing 36pct of participations," reads the research conducted by BNR and INS.