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Flood toll: Three dead, one missing in Arges County


Three persons died in the floods, one went missing in Arges County, while two others who had been reported missing were discovered alive, according to an announcement made by chief commissioner Marius Tache, head of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI).

As shown by data centralized so far, over 250 localities in 11 counties were affected by the flooding over July 27 - August 1, with over 7,000 firemen, policemen and gendarmes having struggled throughout the week to handle emergencies.

'We evacuated 1,832 persons as a preventive measure and saved 773 from various critical situations. Out of the total of 1,832 persons, 788 are still waiting in the special spaces created by the authorities or staying with their relatives. A number of 251 localities in 11 counties - Dolj, Gorj. Mehedinti, Valcea, Olt, Arges, Teleorman, Dambovita, Caras-Severin, Prahova and Timis are affected by the floods, 99 homesteads were destroyed, 1,163 other damaged and 2,377 submerged. As many as 439 homes are still submerged up to this date, even after the withdrawal of the waters. There were 2,475 fountains clogged, 13 bridges and 60 foot-bridges destroyed and 23,346 hectares of arable land covered by waters,' said the MAI official.

Road traffic was either blocked or partially halted on certain segments of 12 national roads and 37 county roads.

Moreover, 15 social and economic objectives and three cultural buildings also suffered damages.

Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea explained that in the following days the rescue missions will continue, as well as the struggle with removing, as much as possible, the damages caused by the waters. Among the priority missions these day are the removing of water from the flooded homesteads, unclogging the fountains and removing the dirt and the wastes.



Teleorman County: Over 5000 hectares of agricultural crops, affected by flooding


The high quantity of precipitations recorded at the level of the county has affected over 5,000 hectares of crops.

In the Dobrotesti commune a 60-75 percent proportion of the grain, barley, rapa, pea, maize and sunflower crops were destroyed. Most people in the area ensure their livelihood through agriculture.

'The agricultural crops this year, better said this period, were gravely affected by the massive precipitations that we had in the recent period. More specifically, from April until now we are faced with precipitations that have flooded or made machinery-use impossible in some areas. We receive reports daily from farmers regarding gravely affected crops. Over 2,000 hectares were affected at the Dobrotesti agricultural company which is the largest and managed 4000-5000 hectares. A statement was drafted and a commission analyzing the reports was done. From the local budget nothing can be done. If the Government were to intervene it would be good. Most people in the area live off agriculture and animal husbandry. They depend very much on the production of this year', said on Saturday Mayor of Dobrotesti commune, Ion Manica.

Without insurance and a great deal of options, Viorel Naibar, head of the largest agricultural company in Dobrotesti, has little hope for the future. The losses are too high and not a great deal of solutions.

'We hope to end the year on a positive balance because we still have 750 hectares of sunflower crops that at this moment are, I believe, in exceptional condition, we also have 400 hectares of maize that is in good condition', said Viorel Naibar.

According to data centralized by the Teleorman Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development the grain crops are most affected.

'Following centralization of data received from the affected localities, the surface area affected by the recent heavy rainfall is of 5,398 hectares.' said Elena Ilie, head of the Teleorman Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development.

The evaluation commissions that will form at a county level will estimate the value of damages recorded by producers in Teleorman.