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Foreign Ministry hails EP resolution on free movement right



The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament (EP), by a large majority, in the plenary session of Thursday, January 16, of the Resolution on the fundamental right to free movement, a Ministry release sent this Friday informs.

According to the cited document, the resolution reiterates the fundamental importance attached to the principle of free movement, reminding that beginning January 1, 2014, the transitional arrangements on the free movement of workers from Romania and Bulgaria have been eliminated.

'The European Parliament invites member states to observe the provisions of the Treaty on EU rules governing the freedom of movement and to make sure that the principles of equality and the fundamental right to freedom of movement are respected by all member states. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes the importance the European Parliament attaches to the rejection of any position or attempt to restrict free movement in the intra-community space, as well as the invitation addressed to member states to refrain from any actions that might unduly affect or could create obstacles in enforcing this fundamental right,' reads the release of the Romanian diplomatic authority.

The Foreign Ministry also hails 'the reiteration by the European Parliament of the idea of real value whereby the mobility of labour contributes to enhancing the competitiveness of the European economy.'

In this context, the Romanian diplomacy welcomes the call the European Parliament and the Commission address member states to ensure the strict enforcement of the European legislation, so that all the workers in the EU space are subject to an equal and non-discriminatory treatment.

According to the Foreign Ministry, 'the European Parliament reaffirms that none of the Member States that have reported alleged abuses of social security systems have been able to present relevant proof to the Commission, as requested.'

'The Foreign Ministry appreciates the call the European Parliament addressed member states for the full and transparent use of European funding resources to promote integration, social inclusion and the fight against poverty, so that the risk of social exclusion is reduced as much as possible,' the document of the Foreign Ministry also mentions.

The European Parliament adopted on Thursday, during its plenary session in Strasbourg, a resolution requesting member states to respect the fundamental right to the freedom of movement within the EU. The final text, which is the result of a compromise among the versions submitted by the political groups, was approved by a large majority, by hand vote.

In the adopted resolution, the Community lawmaking body expresses tough criticism at the position of certain European leaders who proposed measures to restrict this right.

The EP 'rejects altogether any proposal to cap the numbers of EU migrants as being in contradiction to the EU Treaty principle of the free movement of people.' At the same time, the MEPs ask that the Union law is strictly enforced so as to guarantee that all EU workers are treated equally and not discriminated against, regardless of their country of origin.