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Former Liberal leader Orban announces he will become a non-affiliated Deputy

Deputy Ludovic Orban on Tuesday stated that he will turn into a non-affiliated Deputy from now one and he will leave the parliamentary group of PNL in the Deputies Chamber.

Orban made the announcement in the plenary sitting of the Deputies' Chamber.

Unfortunately, today I have no other solution for honoring my moral obligations than to break up, I hope temporarily, with my liberal colleagues”, said Ludovic Orban, who launched new attacks against his successor to the PNL leadership, Florin Cî?u, and against President Iohannis, whom he called the ” tenant” from Cotroceni.


Starting today, I withdrew from the PNL parliamentary group. And I will continue as an unaffiliated MP. The main reason is related to what we, the lawmakers, represent. The moral obligation towards Romanians is to respect my commitments made in the election campaign. Unfortunately, today I have no choice but to honor my moral obligations than to part, I hope temporarily, with my liberal colleagues. What has happened in recent months is beyond imagination. An artificial political crisis was created, a political party was destroyed, the coalition was destroyed. I cannot be a participant in this way of doing politics. I do not accept a lobotomy operation. I am not resigning from PNL yet. It’s the party I’ve dedicated my whole life to. In order to remain in the PNL, however, some conditions must be met”, Orban told the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.


One of the conditions would be, according to Orban, for “PNL to turn its face to the citizens and its back to the tenant from Cotroceni”.