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ForMinAurescu: Republic of Moldova, absolute priority of Romania's foreign policy


The Republic of Moldova is an absolute priority of Romania's foreign policy, and the only way to prosperity and development for the neighbouring country is to continue the European path and fully implement the reforms to which it has committed itself through the Association Agreement, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu said in Chisinau on Friday.

"It makes me very happy to be with you again today, in order to reaffirm and strengthen Romania's commitment to support the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. I would like to assure you, on this occasion, too, that Romania considers the Republic of Moldova an absolute priority of its foreign policy. It has been and is the consistent position of Romania that the only path to prosperity and development for the Republic of Moldova is to continue the European path and to fully implement the reforms to which it has committed itself through the Association Agreement. Romania will always support this path, both bilaterally and within the European Union," Aurescu said on Friday at the ceremony held in Chisinau on the occasion of the granting of new support to the Republic of Moldova from Romania, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a release by the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) sent on Friday.

The Romanian chief diplomat added that his visit aims to implement the support projects announced by the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, during his visit to Chisinau last December, but also a good opportunity to coordinate the working agendas of the two countries, "in the direct interest of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova".

"We are and want to remain the most important and sincere partner of the Republic of Moldova and its citizens, based on the special relationship, based on the community of language, history and culture that also link us to the bilateral Strategic Partnership for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova. The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, expressed unequivocal support for the reform agenda of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mrs. Maia Sandu. And I saw - and you've all seen - the special openness that the lady president has enjoyed and is enjoying in Europe. We are pleased that the Republic of Moldova is once again a valid, credible interlocutor for its Western partners and I wish the President further success on this foreign policy dimension, but also in the process of democratic reform, in the European spirit. We will be with her on this path, just as we are today here in the Square of the Grand National Assembly," stressed Aurescu.

Bogdan Aurescu said that Romania will continue the projects carried out for the benefit of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, including those of interconnection, aimed at bringing the neighbouring country, through Romania, closer to the space of the European Union.

"The Republic of Moldova must aspire to occupy its deserved place among the democratic and developed nations of Europe. It will take a lot of decisive action to strengthen the democratic system and institutions, to strengthen the rule of law, as well as solid efforts in the direction of combating corruption and ensuring the equality of all in front of the law - all these are fundamental elements for the prosperity of the whole society," the Romanian Foreign Minister argued.

He stated that he came to Chisinau, together with a delegation that includes the head of the Emergency Situations Department with the Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI), secretary of state Raed Arafat, with medical equipment of almost 2.3 million euros, which follows the tranche of aid brought in the first week of January, through the Romanian Ministry of National Defence. The aid is added to Romania's support in April 2020, when it brought in a team of 52 people, of whom 41 physicians and volunteer medical nurses, to help colleagues in the Republic of Moldova combat the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by medical equipment, worth 3.5 million euros.

"This today's gesture proves our consistency, but also the sincere and disinterested desire to support all citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the most difficult moments. I would also like to highlight the support that the Republic of Moldova currently has at European Union level and which has materialized through the constant assistance provided in the fight against COVID-19. The 1.5 million surgical masks, 100,000 masks for the medical personnel, 100,000 outfits and 100,000 gloves that we brought today with us will continue to help save some lives and manage the pandemic as efficiently as possible in the Republic of Moldova," Aurescu noted.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu attended on Friday, together with Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, Aureliu Ciocoi, Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova and Peter Michalko, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, the public ceremony to granting a new support to the Republic of Moldova from Romania, consisting of medical and protective equipment to limit the effects of the COVIV-19 pandemic, held in Chisinau, in the Great National Assembly Square.

The Romanian delegation also included Secretary of State Raed Arafat, head of the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


 Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu had also a meeting with Acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in Chisinau on Friday, underlining in context the importance of continuing the European path of the Republic of Moldova and of the democratic reforms.

According to a press release issued by the the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE) sent on Friday, the head of the Romanian diplomacy called for the continuation of bilateral strategic interconnection projects and highlighted Romania's "constant" and "sustained" efforts in this regard, noting that the reactions of the Chisinau Government to a series of advanced proposals are still expected.

The two dignitaries discussed the state of play concerning the preparations for the conclusion of Protocol 6 to the 2010 bilateral agreement on the 100 million euro grant, with Minister Aurescu stressing the importance of its entry into force for accessing 68 million euro funds still to be used.

Aurescu and Ciocoi also discussed the prospects of finalizing draft agreements on the construction and renovation of bridges over the Prut, on cooperation in the field of education, research and mutual recognition of diplomas, but also the prospects for the development of the Eastern Partnership.