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Funds of 682 million euro from European money were dedicated to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

The minister of European Funds Marcel Bolos, and the state secretary Raed Arafat announced on Wednesday the signing of the biggest financing received up to now by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), thus 682 million euro were approved by the European Commission following the procedure for speeding the process by the minister, money to be sent to the immediate measures for combating the spreading of COVID-19.

‘The European funds are allocated to three levels: immediate measures for health which means 350 million euro allocated to the acquisition of medical equipment and Covid-19 tests by hospitals, plus 682 million euro for IGSU. We have managed, as we have promised during the government meeting on 18 March that we will allocate and finalise this priority project for the health of the Romanians. The second level relies on European financing – the work market, 300 milion euro were allocated to the people affected the technical unemployment,  namely almost 620,000 salaries distributed by the National agency for Recruitment (ANOFM). The third level is that of compulsory measures for the restart of the Romanian economy when the social framework allows it in several months. I thank my colleagues in the ministry who have already started to work on these project packages’ minister Marcel Bolos has explained the way the European money will be invested by Romanian during this special period.

Concretely, 44 units subordinated to the General Inspectorate for Emergnecy situations (IGSU), 7 units which are under the General Inspectorate for Aviation in the ministry for domestic affairs (IGAv) and the Ambulance Service Bucuresti –Ilfov (SABIF) will benefit from equipment which increase the capacity of reaction from 13.50 minutes (2018) to 12.06 minutes due to the superios technical performances as well as due to the efficiency of the management in interventions.

A part of the medical equipment used these days for prevention and treatment of Covid-19 are financed by European projects. Concretely, in the projects implemented until now, the IGSU has acquired over 1,100 ambulances of different types, 36 mobile camps completely equipped ( each with a capacity of treatment of 200 people) and 49 technical lines for management of  individual protection equipment.

The projects were financed in the Operational Programme Environment Sector (POSM) and the Operational Regional Programme (POR) during the period 2007-2013, respectively in the Operational Programme Big Infrastructure (POIM) during the present programme period 2014 – 2020). Through these projects there were assured other necessary endowments for emergency situations, the cumulated value of them being 233.55 million euro.