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Futuro Textiles has started its world journey in Timisoara


Futuro Textiles, an excellent exhibition, quite unique the world over, was inaugurated on Tuesday evening, in Timisoara (564 km north-west of Bucharest). The event is organized for the first time outside France.

The above-mentioned event marked the opening of the new cultural season of the French Institute in Timisoara, but also Daniel Malbert beginning his term in office as manager of this institute. The Timisoara, Capital of Culture 2021 association regards it as a challenge for supporting this step taken by the Banat municipality.

People that went to visit the textiles show were able to see silk woven from Madagascar spider's web, fabrics made of optic fibres, 'photo-catalytic' clothes, which reject the harmful molecules in the air, a fragment of lace created for Kate Middleton's wedding dress, side by side with other spectacular items: a pullover that permanently 'checks' the wearer's health, another one that changes its colour depending on the frame of mind of the person wearing it, lace made of roots of strawberry plants, books and pillows made of optic fibres or a self-raising cellulose dress, without seams, produced by the bacteria that help wine fermentation.

The Futuro Textiles exhibition was born in the city of Lille, northern France, at the initiative of the Lille 3000 Association, the one that coordinated the cultural activities in 2004, when the city of Lille was a European Capital of Culture.

Philippe Gustin, France's Ambassador to Romania, also attended the opening of the exhibition.

'It is an exhibition quite unique the world over. Futuro Textiles 3 is a completely new exhibition, created in 2013, which presents everything that is innovation in the field of textiles. The only component of the 2006 exhibition, which has been preserved here, is the pedagogical, explanatory aspect. Practically, at present we can make fabrics of anything, from basalt pebbles and milk to spider's web. ... The originality of the Futuro Textiles project consists in this combination of art and science,' said Caroline David, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition mentioned before associates science, technology, design, fashion and art to innovating and smart textiles in various fields such as clothing, transport, sports, habitat, architecture, geotextiles, medicine, care and protection.

The exhibition, which will be open in the Cite des Sciences de Paris till July 14, will travel to the entire world and will come to Romania too this autumn, at the initiative of the French Institute of Romania. Till September 29 the exhibition will stay in Timisoara, then, between October 15 and November 22, it will be open in Bucharest, at the National Museum of Romania's History.