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General prosecutor announces resending of Revolution file to court; Ion Iliescu - accused of crimes against humanity


 Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea on Wednesday announced the resending to the Supreme Court of the Revolution file, in which former President Ion Iliescu (photo), former Deputy Prime Minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu and Iosif Rus, former head of the Military Aviation, are accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Initially, the case was sent to court in April 2019, but the Supreme Court returned it to the Military Prosecutor's Office to fix several problems in the indictment.


The indictment focuses on the actions that took place between December 22 and December 30, 1989, after late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu left the headquarters of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR).


Prosecutors say that, in order to obtain popular legitimacy and keep the political power held since December 22, 1989, Ion Iliescu “misled public opinion constantly, repeatedly, systematically, through his televised appearances and the issuance of official statements (a mechanism of exercising state power) and undertook, between December 22-30, 1989, the systematic operation to mislead the public opinion carried out by military staff with leading positions of the Ministry of Defense.”


According to the same source, these actions generated and fueled “the generalized psychosis of terrorism.” Between December 22-30, 1989, this led to 857 deaths and 2,382 injuries, plus “585 serious deprivations of liberty in violation of the general rules of international law and 409 cases of great suffering.”


The same acts of the defendant Ion Iliescu generated, for the interval of December 22, 4:00 PM - December 30, 1989, a state of imminent and serious danger for the existence of a significant part of the population throughout the entire territory of Romania,” the General Prosecutor’s Office said.


Gelu Voican Voiculescu and Iosif Rus are to stand trial for similar crimes.

The December 1989 Revolution marked the end of communism in Romania. The civil unrest started in Timisoara on December 16, 1989, and then spread to Bucharest and other Romanian cities starting from the afternoon of December 21, 1989. This forced the Ceausescu couple to leave the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party. However, they were later caught and sentenced to death after a very short trial.


Most people lost their lives or were injured in the armed confrontations that followed after dictator Nicolae Ceausescu fled Bucharest.

 (Source photo:https://www.facebook.com/update.zilnic.iliescu/)