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German Ambassador Gebauer: German soldiers' NATO AWACS mission in Romania - signal of transatlantic, European solidarity

The NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) mission in Romania of German servicemen, which will be conducted by brigade general Stefan Neumann, represents an important sign of transatlantic and European solidarity, German Ambassador Peer Gebauer stated in the context in which the North Atlantic Alliance will relocate to Romania three of its AWACS surveillance planes from the German military base in Geilenkirchen, near Aachen, in order to strengthen the Southeastern Flank of the allied territory.

According to a release of Germany's Embassy to Romania, the first two AWACS aircraft are to arrive on Tuesday at the military base of the "Henri Coanda" Airport in Bucharest.

"The mission will be led by German brigade general Stefan Neumann and will last several weeks. In total, approximately 180 NATO servicemen will be deployed at the Otopeni Air Base within a multinational team," the release mentions.

German Ambassador Peer Gebauer, who will be present at their arrival, stated on this occasion that the NATO mission of German servicemen in Romania represents an important signal of transatlantic and European solidarity.

"I am glad that Germany has an essential contribution to NATO AWACS mission in Romania. German brigade general Stefan Neumann holds the command of this mission and the great German contingent of participating servicemen from several NATO member states proves once again that we are close to our Romanian partners. The brutal aggression war of Russia against Ukraine marks 'a turning point.' And here, in Romania, we feel the effects of this terrible war. With the help of AWACS surveillance planes within NATO, an important contribution is brought to the strengthening of the Southeastern Flank and to the support of NATO's early warning system. It is an important signal of transatlantic and European solidarity," the ambassador stated, as quoted in the release.

In the same context, brigade general Stefan W. Neumann stated that NATO AWACS mission in Romania will bring an important contribution to the reconnaissance and surveillance mission on the Eastern Flank of NATO.

"With the help of Airborne Early Warning and Control System, NATO has at its disposal a strong and flexible air and maritime surveillance capability. Well trained, we will shortly conduct flights from Bucharest for a limited period of time, thus bringing an important contribution to the reconnaissance and surveillance missions on the Eastern Flank of NATO. Within training, I was impressed with the both the professional and flexible support provided by the Romanian Armed Forces. This thing shows how well NATO works," Stefan W. Neumann stated, according to the release.