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Germany, France and Italy occupy the first three places in the top of the countries that control business subgroups in Romania

  • In Romania, in 2015, 73663* enterprise groups were identified, out of which 5469 all-resident enterprise groups and 68194 multinational enterprise groups (152 domestically controlled and 68042 foreign-controlled, respectively).

  • In 2015, approximately 9% of the total enterprise groups identified in Romania were all-resident, over 90% of them being made up by two or three enterprises

As many as 73,663 business groups were identified in Romania in 2015, of which 68,194 multinationals, according to a release by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) referring to enterprise statistics, sent on Friday. 

By the weight of the number of employees, most of the business subgroups in Romania are controlled from Germany, France and Italy. 

In 2015, out of the total of the multinational foreign business groups identified in Romania, 14,723 are controlled by foreign legal persons and 53,319 are controlled by foreign individuals. 

By the weight of the number of employees, on top of the ranking are business subgroups controlled by legal entities or individuals from Germany (18 percent), followed by France (10.5 percent) and Italy (10.5 percent). 

The business subgroups controlled from Germany are mainly operating in the processing industry (9.1 percent), wholesale and retail trade (2.6 percent), financial brokerage and insurance (1.8 percent) and in agriculture (1.1 percent). 

The business entities controlled from France operate in the processing industry (4 percent) and in trade (3.2 percent), while those controlled from Italy operate in the processing industry mainly (6.6 percent). 

According to the INS data, 5,469 (9 percent) of the 73,663 total number of business groups were resident. 

The resident business groups preponderantly activate in the wholesale and retail trade, vehicles and motorcycles' repairing - 20 percent, other services - 17 percent, professional, scientific and technical activities - 12 percent, the processing industry - 10 percent and in the constructions - 10 percent. 

In 2015, 34 percent of the overall business groups were operating in wholesale and retail trade, vehicles and motorcycles' repairing, 11 percent in the constructions, 11 percent in the processing industry, 9 percent in the professional, scientific and technical activities, 8 percent in the real estate trading.