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Gov't approves 1.4 million USD to directed to several NATO Voluntary Funds



The Government approved on Wednesday the payment of Romania's voluntary contribution, totaling 1,400,000 dollars, to several NATO Voluntary Funds.

According to a release of the Executive, the amounts to be paid are the following:

* up to 600,000 USD to the Moldova DCB Trust Fund;
* up to 400,000 USD to the NATO-Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package Trust Fund;
* up to 300,000 USD to the Georgia-DCB Trust Fund;
* up to 100,000 USD to the Jordan- DCB Trust Fund;

The money is allocated by redirecting the remaining unallocated amounts related to Romania's contribution to the NATO Voluntary Fund for the support of the Afghan National Army (ANA TF), and the residual amounts, unspent for these contributions, will be directed to other NATO Voluntary Funds, the quoted source states.

Thus, Romania will strengthen its image as a security contributor at the level of the bilateral relationship with the respective states. The decision is in line with Romania's foreign affairs policy and security interests, to strengthen the Eastern Flank, especially from the perspective of supporting the Euro-Atlantic path of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, in accordance with the objectives set by the 2021-2024 Governing Programme," the release highlights.