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Government order 6/207 granting Development Ministry 30 billion lei for PNDL approved by Senate

Emergency order 6/2017, by which the Development Ministry headed by deputy premier Sevil Shhaideh received 30 billion lei for 2017-2020, was approved by Senate on Tuesday, although it was criticised by opposition and called as noxious for economy as order 13 for Justice.

The law approving government order 6 was voted by Senate plenum with 65 votes “for”and 39 votes “against”. The opposition National Liberal Party (PNL), backed by the Save Romania Union (USR, opposition) and the People's Movement Party (PMP, opposition) voted against the emergency order which they criticised during debates.

Emergency order 6 will go to the Chamber of Deputies, decision maker in this case.

Order 6 was strongly criticised by opposition parties since its adoption at the end of January 2017.

“Order 6 turns the Development Ministry into a giant handling about 30 billion lei. Through this ministry, local authorities can get engagement credits within the National Program for Local development arbitrarily, according to the decision of the minister of regional development. Thus a budget parallel to the one voted in Parliament is set up. Interests of the Social Democratic Party- Alliance of Democrats and Liberals (PSD-ALDE) alliance's clients are covered by this parallel budget and discrimination is made between local public authorities favoured by PSD-ALDE and less favoured ones,” PNL president Raluca Turcan declared.