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Hannes Swoboda: Ponta's appointment as PM, the big test for Traian Basescu


Leader of the European Parliament Socialists Hannes Swoboda said on Friday at the meeting of the Social Liberal Union (USL, ruling alliance) in Craiova (south) that the current Prime Minister Victor Ponta will keep his office after the elections this Sunday and that his appointment at the helm of the government by Traian Basescu will be the 'big test' for the President.

'A man I want to endorse this afternoon is Victor Ponta. Ponta is now Prime Minister of Romania. And do you know who will be the next Prime Minister? Victor Ponta. Ponta. Ponta. And do you know why? Because he loves people. He knows that there are people without jobs, that there are poor people, he is the man who takes care of people. The man who cares is called Victor Ponta, not Traian Basescu. We need people like you, we need Social Democrats throughout Europe and in Romania. We need people like you to fight for USL's victory. Romania is a large country and it should have a heavy say in Europe. At this moment, Romania is not well represented in Europe because Victor Ponta has been in the Prime Minister's office for just a few months. The European Social Democrats advocate a united Europe capable of taking care of its people. This night is important not only for Romania, but for the entire Europe as well. On Monday, we will see Ponta appointed Prime Minister. This will be the big test for Basescu this Monday,' Hannes Swoboda told the approximately 5,000 participants in the meeting organized by USL at the Multi-purpose Hall in Craiova.


President of the group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (EP) Hannes Swoboda was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Craiova University, granted by the senate of the university following the proposal made by Nicolae Titulescu Law School. Prime Minister Victor Ponta, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea and officials from the local and county public administration attended the ceremony.

The European leader said during the speech held after he was awarded the title, that Europe is now in a post-liberal period and, even if it lies in a deep crisis, 'this is not the end of history.'