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Health Minister Nelu Tataru: When we have 10,000 cases in 3-4 days in the country emergency state is necessary


Health Minister, Nelu Tataru, says , in an interview granted to Agerpres, that Romania has not surpassed the first wave of coronavirus pandemic and we are “witnessing the second hump of the  first wave,” when over 600 new cases were recorded throughout the country.

“Once certain rules have not been observed we can see an increased community transmission. Those urban crowds, either on the littoral or on Prahova Valley, led to the extension of this new number of cases. This increase was progressive, accelerated in the last two weeks. We do not set up the emergency state just for two days when we had cases over 500. Setting the emergency state belongs to the president when we have an exponential increase of the number of cases, a doubling from one day to the other. It is one thing to have 10,000 cases in one week and a half and another to have 10,000 cases in 4-5 days. Then the emergency state should be set in. When we have 10,000 cases in 3-4 days throughout the country , 10,000 cases in 3 different  towns then we put those towns in quarantine,”said Nelu Tataru, the health minister.