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Health Minister: We're not talking about quarantining the Capital for the time being


 Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu aid on Tuesday that for the time being enforcing quarantine in the Capital City was not under discussion.

He reiterated that "no measure can ever be ruled out, as long as people's health is at stake."

"Nonetheless, we're not talking about quarantine in the days immediately ahead. (...) We're not talking about quarantining [the Capital] at the time being," Voiculescu pointed out.

The health minister said there would be a set of measures, which "could mean additional restrictions," which will most likely be announced on Tuesday.

"There will be some measures that we are discussing now at 13:00, at the Ministry of Health, together with the Department for Emergency Situations, with the National Institute of Public Health. It is a set of measures that will most likely be announced during the day. Measures could certainly mean additional restrictions. (...) Quarantine cannot be ruled out. It is under discussion, once the 6 per thousand threshold has been exceeded, but this is a discussion we have with specialists every day," the minister said.

Asked if he, personally, considers that Bucharest should be quarantined, Vlad Voiculescu replied: "I, personally, consider that we must take measures to save some people."

He said that almost "everywhere" in the country there is a shortage of medical staff.

Vlad Voiculescu said that the wish of every member of the Government is that, at Easter, people have holidays "as they should be."

Bucharest City's SARS-CoV-2 infection incidence rate jumped today to 6.22 cases per thousand population from 5.67 on Monday, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced.

Other counties with high infection rates are Ilfov - 7.47, Timis - 6.14, Cluj - 5.05, Brasov - 4.67, Hunedoara 4.21, Constanta - 3.68, Alba - 3.41, Salaj - 3.26, Giurgiu - 3.13.

Another 27 counties are in the yellow low-risk infection zone (with a 14-day cumulative infection rate between 1.5 and 3 per thousand population), including Sibiu - 2.99, Arad - 2.92, Dolj - 2.72 and Valcea - 2.68.

Only five counties were left in the green zone (with less than 1.5 cases per thousand population), with Suceava, Harghita and Buzau registering the lowest infection rates: 1.06 for the first two counties, and 1.17 for the latter.

According to GCS, the areas with the most newly confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 since the last report are Bucharest - 695, Cluj - 397, Timis - 371, Brasov - 319, Ilfov - 301.

The fewest new cases were registered in the counties of Harghita - 20, Dolj - 24, and Covasna - 26.

As many as 6,149 new SARS-CoV-2 cases were registered in Romania in the past 24 hours.