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Health Ministry: Accord with Eurotransplant to be extended


The Health minister declared that the accord with Eurotransplant would be extended, after the discussed with the president of the organization. The minister also said he had had talks with his Austrian counterpart and with the head of the lung transplant program from AKH clinic.

“We sent an official letter to Mr Meiser, the president of Eurotransplant, with whom I also talked over the phone today and got the permission and accord to extend the letter of intention which expires at the end of March. We also got in touch with the Health Ministry of Austria and requested a political intervention with AKH clinic for Romanian patients. This aspect was decided with premier Grindeanu. We got in touch with professor Klepetko from AKH who explained they had a problem of space, too many patients and that we would keep in touch to find the best solution for Romanian patients,”the minister of health Florian Bodog tols the health minister.

Bodog said he received the report of the National Transplant Agency after the control made at Saint Mary Hospital on Wednesday. He added that specialist physician Igor Tudorache from Hanover Hospital accepted to operate in Romania.

These actions come when the health minister announced that AKH hospital in Vienna had informed him they could no longer receive Romanian patients.

After that announcement the National Transplant Agency said that transplants could be made at Saint Mary Centre, although the Patients’ Protection Association said Saint Mary Hospital was not ready to make lung transplants, the president of the Association, Vasile Barbu declared on Thursday.

“Romania is not prepared for ling transplant. Also, Saint Mary’s Hospital is not ready to do that, because it does not have teams with integrated activity,” Barbu explained in a debate on medical topics. He said there were no specialists able to remove lungs for transplant.

“Mr Copca (Narcis Copca, the manager of St Mary’s) or the National Transplant Agency should tell us if we have at least one specialist able to remove lungs for transplant and if there is a protocol assumed for that. I know, from talking with specialists we do not have any specialists able to do that,” Vasile Barbu said.