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Holzindustrie Schweighofer threatens they might withdraw from Romania due to the Forestry Code

  ‘The impact of the law cannot be foreseen. Some centres of production could be closed down’ stated on Friday a spokesperson of the company.The Austrian company Holzindustrie Schweighofer warned on Friday that they might withdraw from Romania due to the new Forestry Code whose impact cannot be known, decision which could affect 3,000 work places, according to the APA agency.


The impact of the law cannot be foreseen. Some centres of production could be closed down’ stated on Friday a spokesperson of the company.


Holzindustrie Schweighofer has at present 2,670 employees in Romania and the number would reach this year over 3,000.


An article in the draft law includes the fact that a company can process only 30% of a certain type of timber. Schweighofer manufactures at present 27% but intends to open a new production centre.

According to Schweighofer, the discussions in Romania are exaggerated, being started by a film made under cover, which should prove the fact that they would buy timber illegaly cut. Holzindustrie Schweighofer rejects any accusations.


On 10 May, the manager of the company Gerald Schweighofer sent an open letter to the CSAT in which they warn that’ an implementation of this article could make us make employees redundant’ .In his letter to the premier Ponta, the Austrian group warned that they could fire all employees.

In a press release, Holzindustrie Schweighofer considered that he never threatened the Romanian government with the initiation of international trials and welcomed the decision of president Klaus Iohannis to discuss the issue of timber exploitation in the CSAT, saying that they will provide any necessary information.


The Austrian company states that they support any efficient measure against illegal timber cutting and which ensures a sustainable exploitation system of the forestry resource in Romania.

At the same time, the company considers that, in order to have a transparent dialogue, Holzindustrie Schweighofer sent an open letter to each of the CSAT members to inform them about the objections of the company as regards the draft law of the Forestry Code.


In its initial form, approved by the Parliament of Romania, the draft law for the amendment of the Forestry Code could lead to the breach of several commercial agreements and international investments, as well as of the European law in the domain of competition’ the press release shows.

At the same time, the open letter refers to the fact that an approach of the issue of illegal timbering which does not include all parties, a limitation of the forestry market supported a group of interests, could have as effect the disappearance of thousands of work places in Romania and could endanger future investments of Holzindustrie Schweighofer as well as of other potential investors, and that, moreover, a legislation which breach laws and international agreements, could harm Romania as a competitive environment for investors in the whole world.