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Hotel or restaurant staff, the most in demand jobs over April-June


The staff for hotels or restaurants represent the most in demand categories of jobs in months preceding the  summer season, when recruiting almost doubled compared to January 2019, according to the study “Job Index” made by OLX.

Over 110,000 people applied for 22,300 active ads in HoReCa field in the first 6 months of 2019.

“Companies from Bucharest and Ilfov published most new employment ads for the category 'Hotel-restaurant staff' in the first part of 2019, according to data centralized by us. With over 5,300 employment ads published in that category, Bucharest concentrates about a quarter of overall jobs available in that sector, and the number of HoReCa ads in Bucharest represent 7% of total employment ads in all activity sectors,” according to Paul Neagoe, Business Manager at OLX.

Constanta ranks second in the top of counties with most employment ads for HoReCa. With over 2,800 ads in the “Hotel-restaurant staff”, Constanta gathered 13% of total jobs available in this field.

In July 2019, OLX made an opinion poll among users who accessed the OLX Job section, to see to what extent they were or are interested in temporary jobs in the hospitality industry. 4,000 respondents participated. Of them 1,000 had experience in temporary jobs in the field of hotels and restaurants.

Most of them are aged between 18 and 24 (24% of 4,000 respondents) or between 45 and 54 (25% of respondents). Most of them come from Moldova and Transylvania. With out of ten participants in the study would repeat this temporary summer experience if they could, high wages being the main argument.

Most of those who answered questions about hospitality industry and are now working in the field say that the benefit package offered by employers includes free meals (29% of respondents), free days (29%) and free accommodation (24%). Some participants in the study mentioned as advantages free transportation, the possibility of working shifts or the place where activities are carried out – mountains or seaside.

“Drivers- car service- courier services” was the category with most jobs available in the OLX Jobs section in the first semester of the year.  The shortage of employees in the field is illustrated in the number of ads published by companies in the first 6 months of the year, when employers offered jobs for 43,000 drivers. About 200,000 Romanians sent their resumes for such jobs.

Skilled or unskilled workers in factories (electricians, welders, goods handlers, manufacture operators, wrapping workers,) were in high demand.

According to the study, the category 'engineers, foremen, constructors' recorded a 10% increase  against the same period of 2018, where companies published over 33,800 employment ads in the first part of 2019.