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Igor Dodon: “After next elections PSRM will win the majority and I will cancel Association Accord with EU”

Igor Dodon, the president of Moldova, declared at the press conference in which he participated next to Russian president Vladimir Putin, that “after the next parliamentary elections, the Socialist Party (PSRM) will win the majority in Parliament” and he would cancel the Association Accord with EU.

According to Dodon, the accord signed by Moldova and EU did not bring any benefit to the country, on the contrary, Moldova lost the Russian market, according to Publika.md.

“I have often stated that I am against the signing of this Association Accord with EU. I think this Accord has not brought any benefits for Moldova. We have already lost the Russian market, but at the same time, the export volume on the European market has dropped. We have not obtained anything. After the next parliamentary elections, PSRM will win the majority in Parliament and I will cancel this Accord”, president Igor Dodon declared.

“We understand geopolitical realities in the present stage, we understand that accords signed by Moldova with EU are applied and we consider they were signed in a hurry on 2014, so we choose new accords”, Dodon pointed out, quoted by online publication RIA Novosti, Radio Chisinau informs.

Moldova signed the Association Accord with EU in June 2014, as well as that of Free Exchange Accord and after their ratification relations between Chisinau and Moscow got worse.