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INCD director want close collaboration with EU cyber security center from Bucharest

Yigal Unna, the general manager of the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) declared on Monday that he hoped to come to Bucharest to share his experience with the management of the new competence center in the field of cyber security to be launched in Romania.

We are glad Romania took over the initiative. There is a strong, fundamental basis for good cyber security in Romania, so EU made a good choice,”said Yigal Unna, INCD general manager, at a meeting with foreign journalists, when he was asked about a possible cooperation with the management of the new center which got green light from EU.

We have been working closely with out friends for years about this matter. I hope we will come to Bucharest in future months,” he added.


Yigal Unna said it was possible that Romanian experts visited INCD to learn from their experience and joked he liked Bucharest so much that he would find any excuse to come to Romania's capital city.


The European Center for industrial, technological and research competence in cyber security from Bucharest got green light from the EU Council on April 20, and the European Parliament cast the vote to materialize the initiative on May 20.