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ING Study: Romania draws investors by the reduced cost of the workforce


Romania and Bulgaria are countries of Central and Eastern Europe which offer attractive costs for investors, while Poland excels by education, according to a study made by the ING financial group.

The advantages of Central and Eastern Europe are represented by the cost of work and the availability of the workforce. The disadvantages are represented by the trust the system of justice offers, the education system and the traffic infrastructure, shows the ING study quoting an analysis by Deloitte.

As for salaries, ING shows the fact that the salaries grow rapidly in the states of Central and Eastern Europe, maybe too quickly to be sustainable.

Moreover, the reforms in the education system of Romania and Bulgaria are delayed, which suggests challenges on a medium –term space for the work force, shows the document.

According to the ING study, the majority of the countries recorded improvements as for competitiveness. Bulgaria is the best reformer of Central and Eastern Europe for this chapter, but as compared to Germany the countries do not have the same performance for infrastructure and educational quality, shows the quoted study.

The investors are drawn by the domestic market of the country or region (37%) while 30% want logistics and transport infrastructure, 29% want a growth of productivity for the company, 24% of the interviewees of the study are interested by the work costs, and 22% want a level of work abilities, shows another analysis, made by EY and quoted in the ING study