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INSCOP poll: Almost 45 percent of Romanians have good opinion of Royal House of Romania

A share of 44.9 percent of Romanians have a good and very good opinion of the Royal House of Romania, while 47.5 percent would vote against monarchy, as show the data of a INSCOP-ADEVARUL poll referring to the Romanians' views on monarchy, carried out in the period May 1-7, 2014, at the request of Adevarul daily.

The perception on the Royal House has improved reported to the month of July last year, when 41 percent of the population voiced good and very good opinions.

'The popularity share of the Royal House is high. It is interesting that it seems to have slightly increased, in the conditions in which, unlike last year, we are in an electoral year, therefore the public agenda does not grant any special attention to monarchy-related topics. So much the more as last year this topic was much approached, especially in the context of some positive events which concerned the main European Royal Houses,' INSCOP project coordinator Darie Cristea pointed out in a press release.

At the same time, 37.8 percent of the respondents say they have neither a good nor a bad opinion, as against 43.5 percent in July 2013, 9.6 percent have a bad opinion, compared with 5 percent last year, and 2.2 percent have a very band opinion, compared with 1.4 percent last year.

According to the data, 5.6 percent of the respondents do not know or do not wish to answer.

In May 2014, 30.2 percent of Romanians say they would vote for monarchy in a possible referendum devoted to changing Romania's ruling formula. Concerning the same matter, in July 2013, a share of 27.2 percent said they would vote in favour of monarchy.

On the other hand, 47.3 percent would vote against monarchy and for keeping the republic - compared with only 39 percent in 2013. The number of non-answers decreased in this matter from July 2013, from 33.8 percent, to 22.5 percent.

According to INSCOP project coordinator Darie Cristea, 'this clarification of options through the reduction of the non-answers rate also comes in the context of the visible debates last year related to monarchy, including the polls on this topic back then.'

The volume of the sample the poll was conducted on 1,056 persons and is representative for Romania's population of 18 years and over.

The maximum admitted error of the data stands at +/- 3 percent, at a 95 percent confidence rate, the sample being a multi-layered probabilistic type.

The INSCOP Barometer 'The Truth about Romania' is a periodical sociological research project of Romanians' opinions concerning the main aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural life.