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INSCOP Survey: 70% of Romanians believe increase in energy price, caused by decisions of authorities

More than two-thirds of Romanians (69.7%) believe that energy prices have increased as a result of the wrong decisions made by the state authorities, according to the Energy Barometer, launched on Wednesday by INSCOP Research.

At the same time, 28.2% consider that the price increases in energy come as a result of developments on the international markets.

At the same time, 52% of Romanians believe that the bill capping measures are ineffective, and 43.1% say that they are effective.

More than 42% of the interviewees agree that the measure of reducing fuel prices by 0.50 RON per liter was felt in the drivers' pockets, while 52.8% disagree with this statement.

Green energy enjoys the consistent support of the population: 53% of Romanians believe that renewable energy can be a solution to increase the energy independence of the country.

At the same time, 59.6% of Romanians would agree that our country should help member countries with gas, if needed, while 38.7% disagree. At the same time, 78% agree that we should help the Republic of Moldova with gas.

The survey data was collected between November 13-22, 2022, on a sample of 1,174 people and has an error of 2.8%.




Thursday, December 8, 2022