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Iohannis, in Germany: Romania becomes a state where its citizens feel safe in front of abuses


In the last years in Romania the judiciary has become more mature, more independent, said on Wednesday in Kiel, Germany the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, adding that the bodies with relevant attributions fight decisively and consistently against corruption.

The president said that on the occasion of being awarded the 'Hermann Ehlers' 2016 of which he stated it is an honour both to him and to those who have contributed to Romania's path's strengthening towards democracy and rule of law.

He recalled that at the beginning of his tenure as head of state he had announced he wished that the corruption phenomenon won't be any more an issue of the public agenda.

"As a president, I have strongly assumed to strengthen the rule of law and the consolidation of the democratic gears, so that Romania becomes a state where its citizens feel safe in front of abuses, where the European, international partners see a predictable, trustworthy counterpart. (...) I believe that the president should be not only the warrantor, but also the first to promote the rule of law. I'm happy to find, at almost two years from that moment, that significant progress has been made. The bodies with relevant attributions are fighting a decisive, consistent battle against corruption, which is the free competition's main enemy, generating the true professionals' demobilization, hampering the foreign investments, the civic development, initiative and innovation," said Iohannis.

The head of state stressed that Romanians wish a 'cleaner, with more integrity" politics, which is proven by the highly public support to the effort of the bodies involved."

"I'll always back strongly, this strategic objective, in my capacity as president, the long of my tenure," he added.

Iohannis said that one could say that Romania has become one of the European examples in this field.

"The strengthening of the rule of law and the independence of justice have become irreversible phenomena," pointed Klaus Iohannis.

He specified, in this context, that it is high time for the CVM (Co-operation and Verification Mechanism) to have a closure by internalizing its mechanisms at the Romanian authorities' level.

President Klaus Iohannis has been awarded the 'Hermann Ehlers' Prize for 2016 on behalf of the homonymous German foundation, in Kiel, Germany, at the seat of the Schleswig-Holstein's Parliament.

"Thank you on behalf of the honest, brave people with the Romanian judiciary and of the other state bodies that are committed actively in the support of the rule of law and with Romania's modernization," the head of state concluded.