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Iohannis: Parliament must have "strong but non-partisan" control on intelligence services

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday that he signed the two decrees that regard General Florian Coldea - his military discharge and his release from office, General Coldea becoming a reserve officer. 

"It is a good thing that the intelligence services were under discussion these days, their place and role in the national security system," said Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace. 

În this context, President Klaus Iohannis declared on Tuesday that Parliament must have "strong but non-partisan" control on intelligence services. 

"I believe it is a good thing that the intelligence services were under discussion these days, their place and role in the national security system. The parliamentary control was also discussed - and it was a good thing, the commissions that must verify the activities of the intelligence services were under debate," declared Klaus Iohannis at Cotroceni Presidential Palace. 

The head of the state underscored that in his opinion, for the intelligence services and the politicians to do their job well, it is important to trace "at least two red lines". 

"One refers to the way the intelligence services relate to politicians, to politics or, in fewer words, if it's a good thing or not for the intelligence services to interfere in politics. This thing must be very well clarified. I don't believe the intelligence services should be allowed to interfere with politics. The second red line should define how much and in what way politicians can intervene in the intelligence services' activities, or, to say the truth, how it is with the politicisation of the intelligence services. This is not good either. If we want strong intelligence services that do their job well and politicians that are calm and content by the way they relate to intelligence services, it is clear that an effective, efficient and transparent parliamentary control is needed. Parliament must have a strong, non-partisan control," Iohannis stated. 

He stated that a party cannot define the way parliamentary control is exercised over the intelligence services, specifying that such an endeavour must be carried out through negotiations between the Power and the Opposition. 

"Both parties need to get involved into these commissions, because at one time, some are in power, at another time, the others are, but the intelligence services (...) remain, procedures remain. And actually all Romanians want the intelligence services to be well run and to guarantee their share of national security. These are the things that the new Parliament should discuss and clarify," Iohannis further showed. 

The President also showed that the new Parliament has "a lot of work" in the domain of national security. 

"Together with my advisers, we have counted one more time and we noticed that at least 12 laws in the national security domain are in need of modernisation and improvement, half of which refer to the work and domain of activity of the intelligence services. Thus, an impressive workload for Parliament, with the sole purpose to improve the national security system and to render the work of the intelligence services more efficient, better coordinated," further stated Iohannis.