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Iohannis: the economic impact for Romania following the Rome Declaration will be a positive one

President Klaus Iohannis stated, on Sunday afternoon, in the meeting with the Romanian students and professors in Rome, that the economic impact for Romania from the point of view of European financing will be on the whole ‘ certainly a positive one’ following the Rome Statement.

‘At this moment I find it hard to believe that the impact can be quantified, but grosso modo I would say that the impact will be certainly a positive one against other variants of declaation and another approach which could have been possible. You should know that during negotiations there are different approaches possible. At a certain moment there were discussions about not reaching a common approach, a declaration was to be offered without being signed and containing matters which could have placed Romania in an inferior position’ Iohannis said.

He mentioned that according to his opinion ‘ the shock of the Brexit reconsolidated the EU 27’.

‘In an interesting way, there are surveys which show that over the last weeks, as there were discussions, as all politicians have, who are pessimistic, anti-Europe, anti-nucleus and so on, there was a new solidarity of the European citizens and a new trust in the European project which is very good. And surely, it will lead to the amplification of the projects which, definitely, will be co-financed or, at least, there will be a positive economic impact on Romania. How much, it is hard to say’ Iohannis said.

He also said that there should not be anybody who thinks that in Romania all politicians have the same opinion as regards the future of our country in the EU, but the two entities who are responsible for the European policy, the presidency and the government have the same position.

‘We Romanian, as far as I understand, we want to accelerate, to get to the nucleus of Europe. Not everybody wants that, and not in all files. That is why, the definition should not be multi-speed, but consolidated cooperation, for the national interest (…) Consolidated cooperation and different rhythms mean that all variants are open for everybody. Who wants to be part, who wants, may become part of it later, nobody shuts the door on him. All projects are open for all member states. It is a fundamentally different approach from multi-speed Europe, even if linguistically anything and any phrase could be turned and explained as being the contrary to what the initiator wanted, but this is it’ Iohannis said.