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Iolanda Balas, Grigore Lese and Ivan Patzaichin receive diplomatic passports as Ambassadors of Romanian Tourism


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlatean, on Friday handed out diplomatic passports to the former Olympic champion in athleticism Iolanda Balas, artist Grigore Lese and to the former Olympic champion in canoeing Ivan Patzaichin, who are all currently bearing the title of 'Ambassadors of the Romanian Tourism.'

The event took place in the presence of the Minister-delegate for SMEs, Business Environment and Tourism, Maria Grapini, the initiator of the project 'Romania Promoted through Values' , in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) became an associate, informed a release of MAE .

'Through your work in the fields in which you excelled, you represented Romania at the highest level and made us proud of being Romanians. Thanks to your outstanding results you amazed people worldwide, you made Romania become known on the entire planet, in many corners of the world Romania being associated today with your names. Your noble commitment to promoting the Romanian tourism represents a great help for the Romanian diplomacy. I am sure that your involvement and efforts in promoting the various forms of tourism will contribute a great deal to the improvement of Romania's image abroad and you will attract a largest number of tourists in our country, interested to discover it,' Titus Corlatean said in his congratulation message.

According to the MAE release, and in compliance with the Law on the free movement of Romanian citizens abroad, the Minister of Foreign Affairs approved the release of electronic diplomatic passports to the personalities who were appointed 'Ambassadors of the Romanian Tourism' , travel documents having been issued by MAE so as to help these personalities who need to travel abroad in official missions to represent Romania's interests.

The project entitled 'Romania Promoted through Values' was launched in 2013 as part of the 'Ambassadors of the Romanian Tourism' event and represents a new form of promotion of Romania, meant to complete the ongoing image campaigns.

The first eight 'Ambassadors' appointed as part of the abovementioned event each represent a different tourism field. Thus, Grigore Lese became an ambassador for rural Romania, Elisabeta Lipa for the spa tourism, Ivan Patzaichin is going to promote ecotourism, Gabriela Szbao the adventure tourism, Stefan Popa Popas will promote cultural tourism, Ilie Nastase will promote city breaks, Gheorghe Zamfir the historic circuits and Iolanda Balas Soter is going to promote the mountain tourism.

So far there were handed out the diplomatic passports to the former world champion in Olympic champion, the former tennis player Ilie Nastase and artist Grheorghe Zamfir.

'Each of the personalities mentioned will have official missions to accomplish abroad and they will promote in various campaign meant for promoting Romania's image abroad,' the MAE release also showed.